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Frequently Asked Questions About QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions


It doesn’t even need to be said: QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is a business essential. Anyone who wants to stay on top of their business in order to see the specifics of their day to day operations, as well as the general standing of the business’s finances, can definitely use this. However, while this software is pretty much becoming a standard in several industries, many people still have a lot of questions regarding the use of this powerful business tool.

First off, many wonder if Intuit offers industry-specific QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions software. After all, while running a business has a set of standards, they can run differently according to the industry they are in. Unknown to a significant number of business professionals, this is actually available in a number of industry-specific packages. These editions include a retail edition, a contractor edition, as well as editions for manufacturing and non-profit organizations. Basically, these editions have all the key features of the standard package. However, there are some additional tools fitted in to deal with specific problems only certain industry will face.

A number of people are also curious regarding the usage of QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. Is it user friendly? Since the program is targeted for the small and middle market companies, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is quite easy to use. Many companies testify that it is perhaps among the easiest to use, especially since it allows users to customize the program according to industry and specific company needs. This kind of flexibility cannot be acquired from supposedly more powerful financial management software.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is an upgrade of the previous QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier. Would the users of the earlier QuickBooks edition have a difficult time using this new version? Obviously, the learning curve isn’t so steep for users of the earlier QuickBooks editions. Data from the previous QuickBooks programs can still be used with it. Of course, besides custom integration and software consultation, Quality Consulting Group can also offer tutorials and materials for its use. This is advisable for those who have no previous experience with QuickBooks.

Of course, one of the more important concerns of people planning to use QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is whether or not their systems can accommodate it. Luckily, the basic QuickBooks Solutions program has very minimum system requirements. The server should have a 2.8 GHZ processor, while clients should have 2.0 GHz processor and 1 GB worth of disk space. Additional requirements for hardware and software add-ons would require a 4X CD-ROM drive and a Windows XP or Windows Vista operating system.

Lastly, potential users are very eager to know QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions’ possibilities for upgrades. For instance, would it be easy to switch from a package that only allows five simultaneous users (the minimum) to a package with more than five? Because QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is mindful that businesses grow—and its needs grow with it—upgrades is easy to avail.

Do you have more questions about QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions? See the various QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions packages available to access what fits your business’s needs.



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